Speed Up WordPress Website or Blog to its MAX

I’ll Speed Up Your WordPress Website/Blog to its MAX! And I’ve done 10 Speed Optimization Projects in Upwork (Formerly oDesk) with 5 Star Review!


Opitmize Database
Optimize HTML, CSS, JS
Optimize Images
Defer/Asyn. of JS where needed
Leverage browser caching
Enable gzip compression
Avoid bad requests
Remove query strings from static resources
Avoid CSS @import
Make fewer HTTP requests
Add Expires headers
Configure entity tags (ETags)
Do .htaccess file tweaks!
Install CDN to insure FASTER & BETTER Delivery of your site

I wont’-
use tons of plugins to these tasks. I’ll try to speed up your site without any extra heavy weight.
After my work, most of the part of your site will be automatically optimized without any hassle