Art Needlework 1895

Would you like to learn vintage needlework techniques used in making Victorian needlework projects?

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The Last and Best Book on Art Needlework, size=4>color=#ff0000>originally

published by the Brainerd & Armstrong Company, New London, Connecticut in 1894-1895, is now available in digital form!

This is a fantastic Victorian needlecraft book. You’re sure to love it!

This book’s 120 pages are packed with black and white photos, descriptions, instructions and patterns. There are some great vintage advertisements, too! You’ve got to see this book to believe it.

This digital VINTAGE book has been enlarged to a full 8½” x 11″ – much easier to read than the original 7¾” x 9¾” printed in 1895. The pictures are much clearer and larger, too! This is a great help when trying to follow the instructions. The original book’s print size is so small that it is VERY hard on your eyes and it is easy to miss a step in almost any project you try. Now with the larger format, you can read and follow the directions with ease.

AND… because you can print out the project you are working on, you won’t have to fight keeping a book open to the desired page. Nothing drives me nuts faster than trying to work on a project and the page keeps flipping or the book won’t stay open. I’m sure you know what I mean. No more propping a book open with whatever you can find to keep it at the page you need! Your printout can be placed just about anywhere for easy reading.

These features alone make this digital book SO MUCH EASIER to use than a conventional book. Not only will your eyes thank you but you will find it much more relaxing and fun to actually work on the project.

This digital book is easy to navigate. Now there is a Table of Contents plus an Index (something not found in the Original) to help you find just what you are looking for. This book is NOT just a SCAN of the original pages. With scanned copies, when you enlarge the page to make it easier to read or see a picture more clearly, the print gets blurry and you are unable to read it. With this e-book you will find this is not an issue. It has been re-typeset (except for the advertisements) in larger type to produce top-notch clarity for ease of reading. All the pictures have been scanned, enlarged and meticulously digitally remastered so you can see as much detail as possible. They are often much clearer than the original pictures!

You will find advice about different types of silks and flosses and their uses, care for embroidered items, ideas for gifts,needlework advice AND you will find amazing patterns for

Victorian ladies made such marvelous items for their home and now you can do the same! Each and every project is sure to delight you. Give your home Victorian elegance – designed for Victorian ladies – made by you!

If you love Victorian as much as I do, you will find hours and hours of enjoyment reading and recreating vintage needlework for yourself and those you love — just the way our great-grandmothers and their mothers did! Get this delightful art needlework book TODAY!

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This Victorian Embroidery and Crafts edition, first published in 2008, is an unabridged republication of an edition of the work originally published c. 1870, author and publisher unknown.

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